Historical Materialism

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Historical materialism is a philosophical doctrine concerned with studying social and human phenomena in the light of the principles of Marxism analysis in general, and the principles of materialism concerned with the phenomena of the universe and nature in particular. It draws from dialectical materialism its principles in the analysis of social phenomena and facts, as it relies primarily on the three categories: The fundamental principle is that quantitative accumulation processes lead to qualitative changes and that the contradiction between the components of things is the basis of their movement — and nothing in nature and social life carries in its components a degree of contradiction that results in a continuous conflict between them — and that the conflict between the components constantly leads to what is known as negation. Negation, as each stage of development necessarily negates the previous stages, and the stages cannot coexist with each other except for temporary periods described as contradictions, and there can be no harmony or stability between them.

Historical materialism is the product of applying dialectical logic to the historical development of society, where Marxists see that the superstructure of society is a result of the underlying structure, and therefore the morals of society are considered to be influenced by economic relations, for example in a communist country there is no inheritance, the disagreement between brothers over inheritance does not exist, And another example is that an agricultural society in which the family is more coherent than that of a bourgeois community, and the Communists say that the evidence for the correctness of the theory in the Arab reality, before the start of the decline of agricultural business and the shrinking of the agricultural community, work was a defect for the girl, but after the decline of agricultural life and the beginning of a business life Industry has become the most important condition for a girl to find a husband, is that she be an employee, although nothing has changed but the means of production, and it is still the focus of an unresolved debate, even though this part of Marxism is the most acceptable among idealistic philosophers and clerics, where it came In the recommendations of Catholic clerics, that Marxism should be used to understand society, and that at the What Remains of Marxism Conference held in Spain in 1998, but despite this, materialist philosophy in general is still the subject of debate.

In the essence of historical materialism, the superstructure of society is the product of the underlying structure, as the infrastructure of society is the sum of the economic relations of society, and the superstructure is the laws, morals and public policies, and Marxism considers that the superstructure of society reflects its infrastructure, for example in capitalist society A state is being created that serves capitalist interests and parties that do not contradict capitalism and enact laws in a way that serves capitalism, and it is worth mentioning in Arab research that it came to the conclusion that clerics alter religion in favor of the ruling class, for example in Egypt, Abdel Nasser, socialist relations, nationalization and agrarian reform And in Mubarak’s Egypt, privatization and the transition to the market economy were also supported by a religious cover, and Marxists take on religions to serve the interests of the ruling class. Before Muslims, and some communist thinkers believe that the proletarian system will protect religions from distortion before they begin to automatically wither away, because the old society It is in which religion is isolated from the state, and the state becomes the property of the people, as the state also begins to wither away, according to a developed communist system, and religion becomes religion.

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